Meet our New Board Chair – Jason Alexander

Posted on October 12, 2017

My wife, Meghan, and I are the principals and founders of Capacity for Change, a public interest consulting firm based in Chester County.  We help nonprofit, philanthropic and public organizations develop better strategies and partnerships to achieve their missions and goals.  While much of our work is nationally or regionally focused, we have had the privilege of working with some of Chester County’s most impactful nonprofits and foundations, including those serving greater Coatesville.

During my tenure as a volunteer member of the Brandywine Health Foundation’s Board of Directors, I’ve participated in the grants, finance, planning and executive committees.  Serving as the current Board Chair during a time of great change within the Foundation, in greater Coatesville, and in health philanthropy, I’ve been able to share my passion and skills with those of our talented volunteers, donors, staff, and grantees.  Together, we are committed to making our community a healthier place for all.

“The Brandywine Health Foundation has a long-standing reputation for excellence among health-focused foundations and nonprofits in the Philadelphia region. I experienced that first-hand while working with the Foundation on its last strategic plan.  Following that project, I was invited to join the Board and jumped at the chance to work with such an incredibly diverse organization having a measurable community impact through its grant-making and programs.”

Something you may not know about me, I am an avid fan of music (and very amateur guitarist) and find great enjoyment, inspiration, and mindfulness in listening to live and recorded music, particularly rock n’roll and jazz.