Let’s Talk Coatesville: Why Money Matters

Posted on January 3, 2019 by Jill Whitcomb

 Let’s Talk Coatesville: Why Money Matters

Thursday, February 7th ~ 5-8pm  ~ Dinner Provided

The Chester County OIC, 22 North 5th Avenue, Coatesville

Childcare will be provided by the Brandywine YMCA

To create positive change in the health and well-being of the greater Coatesville community we must first start by listening. Since last

October, the Brandywine Health Foundation has been hosting hosted a series of events to engage diverse voices of our community in finding solutions to the issues that matter most.

During our “Let’s Talk Coatesville” series we have addressed ways to strengthen families, build stronger communities, create greater opportunities for success and other issues vital to improving the overall health of our community.

Our foundation leadership will use what we’ve heard to identify new priorities, create focus areas and develop strategies that will have a measurable and sustainable impact on the health of our community.

To date, our topics have included: Why Family and Social Supports Matter and Why Where You Live Matters.  During our final “Let’s Talk Coatesville” event on February 7th, we’ll tackle the health challenges created by imbalances in education, income and economic opportunity in the greater Coatesville community. We’ll tap into community wisdom to identify the most challenging financial roadblocks to upward mobility and discuss viable solutions. Topics for discussion will include job security, the importance of a living wage, education opportunities, financial literacy and management, language barriers to income.

We want to continue hearing from a cross-section of people who live, work, play and pray in our area. We encourage anyone with a genuine interest in solving issues that impact good health and well-being for the greater Coatesville community to attend.

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