Community Top Priorities

Our Evolving Future Grantmaking : Based On What We Learned

As we enter a new era of COVID we are excited to take a pause to reassess the community needs, their top priorities and our own performance as a grantmaking partner.

Announcements about our next funding opportunity will take place in the Fall of 2021.

What are Our Community Needs

We surveyed over 1300 parents, nonprofit providers, and community residents. This what we heard:

What Our Nonprofit Partners are Saying

Instead requiring grant reports, we adopted Trust-based approaches and conducted over 30 brief nonprofit partner interviews to assess the impact of the pandemic and exposed racial inequities within their organization. Here is snapshot of exploratory questions:
1. Changes in organizational capacity and program/service delivery
2. Changes in presence in the community
3. Changes in partnership and collaboration to address the communities social, economic and environmental conditions
4. Changes to build up community member’s leadership skills to address equity and justice
5. Changes to create a path for policy and system change work

What Our Nonprofit Partners Think About the Brandywine Health Foundation

For us to meet the needs of the community we also need to gain insight into what our nonprofit partners think about our own performance. We will conduct confidential survey to assess our nonprofit’s experience with engaging with the Foundation.

We are in the process of compile interview and Foundation results and can’t wait to share the outcomes.

What to Expect in Our Future Grantmaking

Please check back periodically as we share our results from all surveys and interviews to help shape our future grantmaking. We remain committed to adopting Trust-based philanthropy approaches and will continue to learn along with our grant partners.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference!

We are in it for the long haul and hope that our work inspires you to make a gift to our Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund. Our community remains vulnerable, whether dealing the long-term health consequences of the coronavirus, hesitancy about the vaccine, or dealing with the economic consequences. Your donations will be put to great use to support our local non- profit organizations to meet the needs of our community.

100% of your contribution will be put to work right away – we will not take any administrative fees from your generous gift.