Brandywine Health Foundation

Grant Funding Impact Areas

Our strategic priorities that we fund focus on improving the conditions under which people in underserved communities can be healthy and thrive. It reflects responsive philanthropy focusing our investments in neighborhoods that reshape the places that shape the Greater Coatesville community that lead to lasting change. The interconnectedness of these priorities allows the Foundation to put our community on the path of resiliency and transformation.

Helping People Live Healthy & Well

Interconnects social, health and economic pathways making it easier for people to navigate programs and services available to them to improve overall community health and well-being.

Creating Healthy Spaces & Places

Supports transforming everyday environments, like parks, playgrounds, active transportation, schools, and food outlets bringing health, equity, and dignity to under-resourced communities.

Leading  Community-Driven Change

Amplifies communities’ lived experiences, voices, and power to drive locally determined solutions aimed at dismantling systemic racism and discriminatory practices through equitable polices, systems and structures that improve health and well-being for all.

2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Building on existing assets within the Greater Coatesville helps to reshape our community for greater equality and lasting change. This provides the underpinning of our new strategic plan that enables us to carry out core activities. Our Strategic Plan strives to:

  • Improve health and racial inequities
  • Build community power to make decision that improves community health
  • Foster collaboration and partnerships
  • Support transformational community change



Harness the Power of Community and Partnership for a Greater Coatesville