Brandywine Health Foundation

Grant Funding Impact Areas

Our strategic priorities that we fund focus on improving the conditions under which people in underserved communities can be healthy and thrive. It reflects responsive philanthropy focusing our investments to reshape the places that shape the Greater Coatesville community that lead to lasting change. The interconnectedness of these priorities allows the Foundation to put our community on the path of resiliency and transformation.

Helping People Live Healthy and Well

Challenges faced by many in our community are not isolated issues. This priority bridges the gap by coordinating services and resources across and between providers and clients. We need to make it easier for people to navigate the myriad of services that are available to them. This strategy bridges the health and human service sectors to create more seamless, effective, and sustainable interventions that advance social and economic mobility and improve the health and well-being of people and communities.

Leading Positive Community-Driven Change

We believe if we empower people in the places where they live, lifting their voices and building their power to shape the services and programs that affect them, leads to community driven solutions. By amplifying community voices to drive locally determined solutions this strategy aims to influence systemic racism and discriminatory practices by influencing inequitable policies, systems, and structures that improve health and well-being for all.

Creating Healthy Spaces and Places

Our everyday environments play a fundamental role in shaping how healthy we are, as individuals and as communities. These are the spaces that support recreational physical activity, play, and active transportation, give us opportunities to meet and see others in our communities, provide us with access to nature and greenery, and more. This strategy brings forward health, equity and dignity in public spaces.

Future Leaders

Education has a profound impact on one’s ability to earn a living wage. Financial stability helps position families for continued success, reduces stress, and improves the likelihood of living longer and happier lives. Addressing education and income inequalities allows us to take a holistic approach to health.

2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Building on existing assets within the Greater Coatesville helps to reshape our community for greater equality and lasting change. This provides the underpinning of our new strategic plan that enables us to carry out core activities such as:

  • Helping residents build power to shape decisions that affect the health of their families and communities
  • Strengthening collaborative partnerships between public, private and community-based organizations
  • Investing in organizations and initiatives that improve health outcomes
  • Supporting transformational change in health and human service safety net systems
  • Ensuring that health is prioritized in economic development and public safety

We’ve Granted Over $18,500,000

Since launching in 2001, the Brandywine Health Foundation has distributed over $18.5 million in grants and scholarships to build a more vibrant Greater Coatesville community. We are proud to fund many of our region’s most effective nonprofits and invest in our future leaders with nursing school and college scholarships.