Coatesville Area Youth Philanthropy Program (CAYPP) Awards $15,000 in Grants to Support LGBTQ Programs in the Coatesville Area

Posted on June 15, 2017 by JIll Whitcomb

Coatesville, PA:  On Wednesday, June 14th, fourteen teens chosen to participate in the Coatesville Area Youth Philanthropy Program (CAYPP), awarded two area non-profit organizations to support critical LGBTQ programs in the Coatesville area. The following organization each received a $7,500 grant:

 Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA ~ Program: The Space to be Proud, Open, & Together (SPOT) Program for LGBTQ Youth in Chester County.

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center ~ Program: An LGBT Sexual Health Campaign to Increase Anal Cancer Screening

“We are extremely proud of our youth this year who, after months of education and research on a myriad of topics they could address, chose to address the needs of our LGBTQ community where gaps in services lie. This was not an easy topic to discuss at times but our young people rose to the occasion to address a critical need in our community,” remarked Dana M. Heiman, Interim CEO.

This exciting program for youth was developed by the Brandywine Health Foundation (BHF) in 2015 with input from some of our youth interns.  It offers teens living in the Coatesville Area School District the opportunity to learn more about the needs of their community, learn how to make a difference, experience diversity and teamwork through collaboration, and to become actual philanthropists. The CAYPP’s philanthropic endeavors are being funded by a generous donation of $100,000 over five years from Citadel, with program support provided by the Marshall-Reynolds Foundation.

“This program is not just another program in our community making promises of change.  This program does make change to help sustain the Coatesville area,” noted Dayvon Bladen, one of the designers of the program, and now a sophomore year at Johnson and Wales University.

“This program gives teens an opportunity to change their community for the better.  Coatesville is a wonderful city, but many teens, even adults have a hard time believing that. Now, with this program, they can have a new, better perspective of their community and home. That’s not something that’s available every day,” commented Riya Patel, also a designer of the program and now a senior at Coatesville Area High School.

Later this summer, the Brandywine Health Foundation will publish the application for 2017-2018 class of youth philanthropists.  Beginning in the fall, the 12-15 members selected to be a part of CAYPP will meet regularly throughout the school year to learn how philanthropy works, and research and discuss a myriad of possible philanthropic goals to improve their community before deciding to fund programs that focus on improving public safety.

“This unique program has not only opened up new doors and opportunities for me, but I know that I can give back and help my community by being involved in CAYPP, which is a win-win situation,” stated Julian Maurer, a returning CAYPP member.

For those interested in receiving an application for this  exciting program that allows youth in the Coatesville Area School District to engage, get involved, and give back to their community, please contact Peggy at 610-380-9080.  All applicants must be ages 14 to18 as of August 31, 2017, and must live in the Coatesville Area School District. Students can be enrolled in public, private, parochial, charter, or cyber schools or home schooled.