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Let’s partner to improve our community’s health!

Our “Let’s Talk Coatesville” series engaged the broad community to inform our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan:  Harnessing the Power of Community & Partnership for Greater Coatesville.  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are central to or work and during our recent Town Hall we received positive feedback and suggestions on our new direction and priorities.  We are pleased to share our new grantmaking priorities and funds.

Strategic and Grant Making Priorities

Click here to review our complete 2020-2022 Strategic Plan.

The Brandywine Health Foundation will not make grant awards for:

  • Direct scholarship support to individuals
  • Coverage of operating deficits
  • Capital campaigns
  • Groups such as fraternal organizations, political parties (or candidates), veterans, and labor or local civic groups


What’s new with our Grantmaking

  • Move from one-year grant cycle to a 2-year grant cycle
  • Implement new fund categories
  • Give fewer but larger grant awards
  • Include community to participate in programmatic decisions, implementation and access to resources
    • Grassroots Community Partners: nonprofit organizations with smaller operating budgets; civic in nature
  • Foster partnerships across issues
  • Create an easier grant submission
  • Create a new grantmaking committee to review and select proposals
  • Be your partner and more than a checkbook
  • New Contact: Kimberly Daye-Hardy, Chief Strategy Officer


New Grantmaking Funds

During our Let’s Talk Community Event held Jan 30, 2020 we announced our new funds as part of our new grantmaking strategies.  Over the next few months the foundation will work on further defining these funds and announce a timeframe when the funds are open. Here is a brief description about each newly created fund.

Community Well-Being Fund

This fund provides General Operating grants by supporting nonprofit organization’s mission and daily operations rather than specific projects, programs and services.  Applicants may apply for General Operating grants over a two-year period.  .

Collaborative Innovation Fund

The first round of the Collaborative Innovation Fund provides fewer and larger sized grants over a two-year period that focuses on the foundation’s Strategic Priority 1:  Integrated Services; Must address a minimum two Social Determinants of Health (health, education, employment, housing, transportation, food access, family and social supports).  Proposals must include at minimum one non-profit partner and one 501c grassroots community partner (such as a religious institution, civic clubs, activist groups, etc.).  A Grassroots organization is defined as “people who are drawn together by something that they have in common that has both personal and community consequences, and grant themselves the authority to solve the problem they are facing or create the future they desire.”  The grassroots community partner(s) should be financially compensated for their time, community capital and resources.  This is an open funding opportunity for creative partnerships.  If you are interested in applying to this fund you must attend the June 2020 Let’s Talk Community Event.  We will make future announcements about the date, time and location.

Collective Impact Fund (Invitation Only)

The Collective Impact Fund was established in August of 2019 as a pilot Planning and Implementation Grant in concert with the Brandywine Health Foundation’s new 2020-2022 Strategic Plan. The first phase is a Planning Grant that will lead to the opportunity to present and apply for the second phase which includes a two-year Implementation Grant.  The Planning Grant focuses on incorporating Collective Impact Approaches, a proven practice to bring groups and community together to use all the skills around the table to address community social, health and economic problems.  Utilizing this approach underscores a new way to communicate and coordinate efforts, while effectively incorporating a new way of partnering across organizations.  This will ultimately benefit our entire community using an authentic, comprehensive strategy with real inclusion of community voices during the planning and implementation periods where decisions matter the most.

This funding opportunity is INVITATION ONLY for partners that participated in our 2019 Collective Impact Train the Trainer Cohort..

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