How to Donate or Apply To Our New Fund


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Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund

How to Donate or Apply To Our New Fund

About the Relief Fund

As a responsive philanthropic organization, the Brandywine Health Foundation created the Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund in response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).  In lieu of hosting our annual Garden Party, the Foundation felt it was prudent to cancel its signature event and forgo raising its general operating support, in order to meet the emergent needs of the community as a result of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The coronavirus is a wakeup call as to just how susceptible vulnerable populations like, older residents and persons with chronic diseases are at high risk for contracting the virus.  Not to mention the community spread among the general public exacerbates the outbreak and disrupts business as usual causing an economic hardship on many residents and businesses.  As a result, the Brandywine Health Foundation has re-examined its role in response to this public health crisis and potential future outbreaks.  Due to the uncertainty and the long-term impact of the coronavirus and other potential public health and economic crises, the Brandywine Health Foundation recognizes its philanthropic role must be responsive and nimble to meet the immediate, interim and long-term needs of the community.

Join Us in Our Challenge Grant

Please join the dozens of individuals throughout Chester County who have already contributed to the Brandywine Health Foundation’s Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund.  We are proud to announce that the Foundation is initially matching the $50,000 in gifts raised by the community, in just the last few days and will begin making rapid-response grants totaling $100,000 on a rolling basis.  Our first round of one-time grants may range from $5,000-$15,000 each.

By providing even a small donation, you can help us to increase the funds disseminated immediately in the Greater Coatesville community to minimize the health and economic hardship and disruption of safety-net services.  100% of your contribution will be put to work right away – we will not take any administrative fees from your generous gift.

Make Your Gift Go Twice as Far

Many companies have programs through which they will “match” the charitable contributions made by their employees.  Through corporate gift matching, your employer can multiply your gift, making it go further.  If your employer does offer this program, they can provide you a matching gift form to send to the Brandywine Health Foundation along with your donation.

Unfortunately the COVID-19 will have a long -term impact on our community and will require ongoing donations that can initially support the rapid release of rolling grants to immediately meet the basic needs of our community, followed by additional funds to support other phases like a community recovery and lastly long-term stabilization periods.

With your help we will continue to match dollar for dollar up to an additional $125,000 in gifts to the new Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund for a total Fund of $350,000.  Make your donation today!

We cannot think of a more important time to come together, and we are grateful to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of you during this challenging time.

Relief Fund Service Area

The overall goal of the Fund is to provide flexible resources to nonprofit organizations in the Greater Coatesville area serving the Coatesville Area School District geographic area including:

  • City of Coatesville,
  • Boroughs of Modena and South Coatesville and
  • Townships of Caln, East Fallowfield, Sadsbury, Valley, West Brandywine and West Caln

The Fund will specifically target communities that are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 and the economic, health and social consequences of this outbreak.  The establishment of the Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund creates a pathway providing rapid identification of community needs that support basic health, safety and sanitation supplies and equipment.  The Fund will also support community-based organizations providing basic need services such as rental, utility and food, assistance.  Lastly, we are also mindful of the social isolation and mental stress the COVID-19 outbreak has caused, therefore the Fund will support new ways to deliver social and behavioral health services. The needs of our community will vary greatly and we welcome projects that immediately relieve the stress on individuals, families and our community.

Eligibility and Rolling Grant Timeline

Non-profit organizations serving the Greater Coatesville area as outlined above are eligible to request one-time rapid-response operating grants.  These nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations have deep roots in community and strong experience working with residents without health insurance, underinsured and/or access to sick days, people with limited English language proficiency, gig and hourly workers impacted by steady employment, and in communities of color, among others. The Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund is designed to complement the work of public health, human service and community economic development initiatives and the continuation or augmentation of services negatively impacted by all aspects of the outbreak as efficiently as possible.

The first phase of rapid-response grants will increase resiliency in disproportionately affected communities by addressing the health and economic impact of reduced and lost work due to the broader COVID-19 outbreak, the immediate needs of economically vulnerable populations caused by COVID-19 related closures, the increased demand for medical information and support, and fear and confusion about the outbreak among our most vulnerable residents. The Foundation will simplify the request for funds by making the application process and review of proposals streamlined, in order to quickly deploy resources.  Foundation staff will proactively identify potential grant recipients, solicit guidance on potential recipients from community advisors, funders and county directors, review and make final awards. The first phase of funds will be released on a rolling basis as fundraising continues throughout the outbreak, followed by another phase to support the recovery and stabilization periods of the crisis making it possible to adapt to evolving needs.

The Fund will open March 20, 2020.  The Foundation will assess when the initial rolling grant cycle will close contingent on community need and available funds.



The Brandywine Health Foundation will administer grants from the Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund in close collaboration with the Chester County Health Department, Health and Human Services and Community Economic Development Departments and other local and regional funders to ensure the Fund targets unmet community needs.

In these trying times the Brandywine Health Foundation understands the concerns of the donors and investors and commits to the transparent administration of funds. With oversight from the Foundation’s Board of Directors, we will ensure that the funding decisions made by our staff (president and CEO and a subset of the Grantmaking Committee) adhere to IRS and fiscal policies and procedures.


  • General questions & inquiries about the Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund can be directed to Kimberly Daye-Hardy, Strategy Officer;
  • For interested donors and partners, please contact Brandywine Health Foundation’s Chief Impact Officer, Dana Heiman at
  • For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact Gaskins Media Works, Yolanda Gaskins, Chief Strategist, at

To contribute to the Healthcare and Economic Relief Impact Fund click here to Make a Donation or mail a check to Brandywine Health Foundation, C/O Dana Heiman, Chief Impact Officer, 50 S. 1st Avenue, Coatesville, PA 19320. Or call (610)380-9080 ext. 102.

I’m an individual who’s been affected by COVID-19. Can this Fund help me?

We understand many individuals and families have been affected by the outbreak already and more will continue to be affected. The Brandywine Health Foundation is working to move resources to nonprofit community-based organizations that are directly supporting residents and families in the Greater Coatesville area who are most affected by emerging health, economic, and social impacts.

While the Fund is not able to provide grants to individuals, it is funding nonprofit community-based organizations that have experience and history of providing people and families with services and support. As we begin to award grants, we will post them on our website. Please check back for a list of the organizations that may be able to assist you. If you are looking for resources now, visit 211 SEPA Resources and Chester County Health Department.

My organization is interested in resources from this Fund. Can we be considered?

We understand the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting nonprofits in many ways, including increased demand for their services, lost revenue due to closures and cancelations, as well as other challenges. The Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund is designed to ensure that the grants awarded meet the greatest needs in communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. In order to move resources quickly, we are simplifying the application.

I want to donate. Can I restrict my funding to a prioritized grantee?

To ensure we move resources as efficiently as possible and respond to needs of communities most impacted, we are not considering restricted donations at this time. The Board designated Healthcare and Economic Relief Impact Fund was created in hopes of providing a way to coordinate as many resources as possible.

Should I give to this Fund instead of making other donations?

This Fund was not created to be the only vehicle for getting needed resources into the community, but to help facilitate getting more targeted resources into the community. This is a critical time for so many, including nonprofit organizations like the Brandywine Health Foundation, who’ve benefited from your giving in the past, as well as had to cancel our annual Garden Party, our signature fundraising event which has raised approximately $100,000 each year. Please consider continuing to give your regular donation of general operating support to the Foundation at this crucial time. Now is the time to double down for our community.

What will NOT be included in the rapid-response operating grants?

We anticipate short, interim and long-term community needs to address both the acute needs now and the longer-term impacts of the outbreak and recovery. In this initial period, we are prioritizing nonprofit community-based organizations that are serving communities and individuals who are immediately and disproportionately suffering from this crisis. In this initial round, we are not able to prioritize organizations who have lost revenue or are likely to lose future revenue due to canceled events or programs, or larger public institutions that are strained by increased demand for services. We recognize these challenges, and as the crisis and long-term impacts continue to unfold, we will continue to offer funding through our Well-Being Fund in May 2020, which supports general operations. Please check here for ongoing updates on when the Well-Being Fund’s Request for Proposals becomes available.


Based upon the charitable structure of the Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund, our grants are limited to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, groups fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, or other charitable organizations able to receive a tax-deductible contribution, such as schools, faith-based organizations, and other public entities. We are not able to fund individuals or businesses directly, labor unions, or other 501(c)4, 501(c)5, and 501(c)6 organizations.

Our Early Supporters

Thank you to our early, generous contributors of Brandywine Health Foundation’s Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund. This extraordinary support will help us continue our role as responsive leaders focused on the emerging, unexpected and critical issues facing our neighbors during this unprecedented time of need. We are deeply grateful to this cadre of individuals and businesses for their swift endorsement of our work enabling us to be responsive and impactful as we navigate these difficult and challenging times.

Franny and Franny Abbott
Jason D. Alexander, MPP and Meghan McVety, MPA, Capacity for Change
Dr. Gerry Auman
Dr. Jill Beech
Kristen Bennett
Vanessa B. Briggs
Brumbaugh Wealth Management
Tom Buglio
Pam Cardinal
Coatesville Area Public Library
Countryside Consulting Inc.
Gwendolyn Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Marke Dickinson
Shelley Dickinson
Jim & Sue Durborow
Fulton Bank
Susan Garber and Ed Brown
Bill and Helen Elkins
Dr. John C. and Charlene A. Gentile
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldblum
Doris A. Grassi
Alissa and Shane Griffith
Gunard Berry Carlson Memorial       Foundation Inc.
Dana and Peter Heiman
State Representative Tim and Carol Hennessey
Ann and Steven Hutton
Dawn James
Janet Buttolph Johnson
Ann L. Jones
Jon and Priscilla Jordan
Ann Katich
Bill and Brit Kay
Blake Krapf
Ian and Mary MacKinnon
Manito Abstract Company
Jennifer and Bob McNeil
Stacie M. Metz, Phd MSW MPH MA
Pat Miles
Susan Miner
Betsy Niedziejko
Nancy Oliver
Rodger and Michele Ollis
Margaret C. Pearsall
Penn Rise Advisors
Isabel and Frank Pryor
Riley Riper Hollin & Colagreco
Margaret and Tom Rivello
Ted & Martha Skiadas
Jacqueline Smith
Mary Ellen and Fred Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steele
Eva Verplanck, Ph.D.
Univest Financial
Elizabeth Walls
Al West and Sarah Walter
West Chester University Foundation
Nancy Wilson
Cindy Wyatt
2 Donors Wish to Remain Anonymous


We apologize for any inaccuracies to this list, as this list is growing daily. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

What’s New with our Grantmaking

As a responsive grantmaking organization the Foundation will delay the implementation of its Collaborative Innovation Fund as presented in our January 30, 2020 Let’s Talk: How Resources Can Support Community Programs and Services. Our most pressing community need is to respond to the disruption of the COVID-19 outbreak. Over the upcoming months we will focus our grantmaking on our newly created Healthcare and Economic Relief Fund and Well-Being Fund.

Well-Being Fund

This Fund provides general operating grants by supporting nonprofit organization’s mission and daily operations rather than specific projects, programs and services. We are working to open our Request for Proposal for the Well-Being Fund. Please check back for when the Well-Being fund will open.

Collective Impact Fund (Invitation Only)

The Collective Impact Fund was established in August of 2019 as a pilot Planning and Implementation Grant in concert with the Brandywine Health Foundation’s new 2020-2022 Strategic Plan. The first phase is a Planning Grant that will lead to the opportunity to present and apply for the second phase which includes a two-year Implementation Grant.  The Planning Grant focuses on incorporating Collective Impact Approaches, a proven practice to bring groups and community together to use all the skills around the table to address community social, health and economic problems.  Utilizing this approach underscores a new way to communicate and coordinate efforts, while effectively incorporating a new way of partnering across organizations.  This will ultimately benefit our entire community using an authentic, comprehensive strategy with real inclusion of community voices during the planning and implementation periods where decisions matter the most.

This funding opportunity is INVITATION ONLY for partners that participated in our 2019 Collective Impact Train the Trainer Cohort.