Brightening Smiles

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Community Dental patient Annamary Brown-Green

Brightening Smiles

Coatesville resident Annamary Brown-Green, 55, hadn’t seen a dentist in 20 years when a toothache forced her to call Chester County Community Dental in the Brandywine Center.

“They took me right in the same day and even though I was a nervous wreck, they made me feel relaxed and comfortable.” Over the course of several visits, licensed clinic personnel repaired a broken filling, filled several other cavities, removed extensive dental plaque and treated her gum infection. Even though she was uninsured, Brown-Green found her costs to be reasonable. (Fifty-eight percent of Community Dental’s patients qualify for Medical Assistance, and the rest pay on an affordable sliding scale.)

“I’ll definitely be coming back when I need a cleaning,” says Brown-Green.

Like her, more than two-thirds of Community Dental’s patients are returnees – an encouraging statistic, given the growing body of research that indicates good dental health and hygiene practices are an essential component to overall health. Community Dental is committed to overcoming attitudes in some families who, for generations, have believed that false teeth are a normal part of aging and that the only time to visit a dentist is when you are in pain.

And there’s also a lot to be said for just being able to have a beautiful smile. Consider 12-year-old Alicia Ramirez, a withdrawn young girl who was self-conscious because of her discolored teeth – until Community Dental’s director of outreach & education, Jaclyn Gleber, R.D.H., Ph.D., spotted her at the Brandywine Health Foundation’s annual health and social services block party, hiding behind her mother. Thanks to teeth whitening treatments, Alicia is now beginning to blossom with a radiant smile.

“I didn’t smile as much as I wanted too because I didn’t think my teeth were nice and it made me feel kind of nervous,” says Alicia. “I didn’t think anybody would be able to help me, but I’m really happy now because I can show my teeth in front of people when I smile.”

Adds Gleber, whose extensive education and outreach efforts take her everywhere from schools to nursing homes: “She can think of herself in a more positive way, build self-esteem and go on to become her best.”

Annamary Brown-Green video

View a short video featuring Annamary Brown-Green.



Jaclyn Gleber video

View a short video featuring Jaclyn Gleber, Chester County Community Dental's Director of Outreach and Education.


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